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Hartley People Retention Consultancy

Hartley People Retention supports SME businesses get the best out of their people

The purpose of HPRC is to get the best out of your people in the business. We support SME’s by really getting to grips with what the business is trying to achieve short, medium and long terms goals. By understanding this we can then support them through their people strategy.  

With 20 years experience in the recruitment industry and 11 years as a business owner, Laura shares her knowledge and passion for giving people the best opportunity to succeed.

laura hartley

Laura Hartley


Laura works with entrepreneurs and senior managers coaching them 1:1 with day to day people issues and ensuring they are in flow as well as their team. She also runs workshops on recruiting, onboarding and engagement across Europe.

Using her wealth of knowledge as a recruiter and entrepreneur, she really understands the problems entrepreneurs and business owners face when recruiting fresh talent to join their business. For those clients who are ready to take their people strategy to the next level there is the “Full Hart Business” certification.

Laura is part of the Entrepreneur Institute, recently completed the Wealth Dynamics Masters and is the Talent Dynamic for Recruitment partner. She has a good understanding of profiling people, how to ensure you have the right person in the right job and how best to engage and onboard that individual.  

" From top to bottom Laura identified our strengths and weaknesses and gave us some great insights into business management that has fundamentally changed how we run Northern Heart Films. Laura is absolutely lovely, easy to talk to and is a great listener, we developed  a great rapport with her very soon into the mentoring which just made the  whole experience that bit more enjoyable and helpful. "
hartley people retention consultancy
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