Onboarding Audit Support

Onboarding Audit Support

Engaging with your new employee from their first day is very important and will result in the best opportunity for success.

It’s a known statistics that 66% of new employees are still looking for their next opportunity because they haven’t been onboarded correctly. No longer is it acceptable to go through the checklist motion of where the fire escapes are or what to do when absent. The more time you invest in your new employee at the beginning of the journey, the quicker they feel part of the company and happier in their new role.

Creating an onboarding plan for your new employees is essential. However, one size doesn’t fit all and each programme will need to be in line with their learning style and profile to get the best out of the time spent with them.

Ask yourself:

  • Have you lost someone you thought was a perfect fit for the role within 6 months of joining your company?
  • Did you feel there was more to them leaving than what they told you? If they didn’t tell you why they were leaving, it’s a clear sign something has gone wrong in the probation period.

If you answer yes to one or more of the above questions, let’s have a chat and see how we can help?

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